If you’re already the equivalent of a monkii ninja, you can skip the monkii Habit Program, and get straight to business with our library of a-la-carte workouts and/or our 4-8 week strength & endurance programs. We’ll also have additional activity-based training, so you can crush your next obstacle race, triathlon, or backpacking trip.

Teach Me How to MONKII

You’ll master monkii bars 2 quickly thanks to our easy to follow instructional videos which teach you proper form for all of the monkii movements. You can access them on our website or the MONKII App.

Bodyweight Training for All

monkii bars 2 work for all fitness levels whether you’re just off the couch or Arnold Schwarzenegger—simply adjust the angle at which you work out, to make the exercise easier or more difficult.

We know this is a big list, but don’t worry, we have a full exercise video library to teach you each and every one of these with proper form. Learn them all at once, or over a few months (or years)—no pressure.

To access training, download the MONKII APP.

Available on Android and iOS this Spring 2017.