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Become a monkii.

You were born wild. Along the way you've lost it. Join us to move more, feel and see muscles you never knew you had, and live wild once again.

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We make ultra-portable fitness equipment.

Every monkii product features a minimalist design because when you're out adventuring every ounce matters.  

So you can work out anywhere.

Let's be honest: going to the gym sucks. It's crowded, expensive and inconvenient. That's why we designed monkii products to be used at home, while traveling, or even outside. In other words, anywhere BUT the gym.

Start looking forward to your workouts again.

We totally get it, your old routine was boring and that's why you couldn't stick with it. Our 21-Day Habit program builds a training habit that will literally have you jumping out of bed in the morning because you're so excited to workout.

Strength training can be fun, who knew?

Marques H., Actual monkii Customer

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the monkii pact


We promise to use every means of support available to us to help you achieve your goals including free lifetime repair or replacement of our products.

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Free Weekly Training

Every monkii receives a new workout each week so they are constantly improving, adapting, and growing.

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Can't afford our products?

We can totally relate and we'd still love for you to be a monkii. Feel free to use our DIY Guide to make your own pair for cheap, and then download our free monkii App to train.