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the monkii pact


We are dedicated to outfitting customers with high-quality training tools and honest training programs to empower them to pursue a life of adventure. By becoming a monkii, you are making a commitment to actively pursue your adventure – whatever it may be. We promise to use every means of support available to us to help you achieve your goals including free lifetime repair or replacement of our products.

I use my monkii bars several times a week: at home, outdoors, on my lunch breaks and even at the gym (even though I seldom go there anymore). The instability adds a new dimension to "regular" exercises like pushups, pullups, climbers. Happy with my purchase.

monkii Jimmy

I am on the road a lot, so the monkii bars are perfect for a hotel room workout.

monkii Tara

I do a ton of traveling and living out of an RV in the mountains - and these are perfect for me. I no longer feel like I can get a workout by just going for a run or hike. Now I can get strength training in as well on the road. Love the idea, the compact concept and beautiful design!

monkii Luke

These are so easy to pack and so versatile to use that they've replaced the TRX in my bag when I travel.

monkii Dane

I would rate this one of my best buys of this year. I am very happy with the quality of the monkii bars. This product makes me feel as if working out isn't a chore, but a fun outdoor activity. Thank you guys for making such a great product. 

monkii Kim

Seriously, not sold yet?

[drops mic]

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