Tactical Training 1: Mission Based Training

Tactical Training 1: Mission Based Training

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(This premium training works with monkii bars and pocket monkii only.)

This digital training program is an insane foray into the depths of your humanityupon completion, you'll either be physically and mentally stronger or speaking in tongues. 


  • 25 Gritty Workouts
  • 4 Unique Sections
  • 71 Pages of Pain
  • Mission-based Training
  • 100% Badass
  • Opportunity to Join The Guild
  • Inspired by Vladimir Putin
  • Digital Access & Downloadable* 

Section One: Boot Camp

Six workouts to improve your mental and physical abilities while learning how to apply the strength that you already have in a more efficient and effective matter. 

Section Two: Mind

In this section, we want you to break your normal routine. Not forever, just for a handful of workouts in which you may find that dark place inside yourself that loves to push the edge of possibility.

Section Three: Conditioning

Conditioning is to further elevate your fitness level and increase the total workload that your body can handle. The volume and intensity will be the highest you have experienced thus far, expect to push yourself.

Section Four: Missions

Missions are workouts which are less about how fast you do them, but rather, the fact that you do them at all. The volumes in these workouts are the largest in the programming. Be sure that you are ready mentally and physically before you attempt any of these workouts.

(Please note, the image shown of the mission has been redacted in an effort to protect ongoing monkii ops.)


*Upon purchasing this manual, you will be delivered secure access credentials to the digital content.  This manual is completely digital, as the original hard copy had to be destroyed, lest it end up in the wrong hands.