pocket monkii

pocket monkii

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POCKET MONKII is the world’s most portable fitness device. Get total-body workouts on work trips, vacations, office breaks, trail runs, hikes, hotels, adventures or at home.

You’ll spend less time in crowded gyms and have more time to do what you love.

A Gym in your pocket

pocket monkii is insanely small but packs a complete bodyweight training system.

Watch how it works:

Designed for Travelers

Our TSA-Friendly design sets up instantly on any door anywhere in the world. Welcome to your private hotel gym.

Perfect for Busy People

Our InstaDeploy™ technology means that you can be set up and working out in seconds anywhere. No waiting in line at the gym or unburying that old tread mill from the basement. 

It's Part of the Adventure

Instead of spending your time trapped inside a fluorescently lit gym, become a monkii and starting living wild (FYI: car damaged previously in Whole Foods parking lot, not this workout).

Rediscover your Wildness

For all those beginners out there, don't worry. The monkii App guides you through each exercise and each workout. We even have a workout category called Newly Wild.

Pocket personal trainer

The 5-star rated monkii App shows you exactly how to do each exercise and each workout.  Choose from training programs or workout categories for beginners and advanced athletes.

become a monkii in 21 days

The included 21-Day Habit training program builds your monkii skills and baseline fitness level. You will feel and see muscles you never knew you had, you will push some boundaries, and most of all you'll have some fun.

Over 8,000 Kickstarter Backers brought pocket monkii to life.

For traveling light. This is it.

Awesome, portable, and challenging.

Small Details Matter

Because they add up to something extraordinary.

Powder Coated Aluminum Grips

Machined by multi-generational craftsmen and powder coated with a matte finish for extra durability and grippy-ness. No cheap plastic parts here.

Drop-Forged Cam Buckle

For smooth operation and a perfect feel there is really only one option - custom everything. Our patented cam buckle is drop-forged from a solid piece of aluminum then anodized with a weather-resistant coating. It's unbelievably strong for its size, and the trigger is buttery-smooth for micro adjustments.

Dual-Core Padded Doorstop

Whether you are in a posh mountain town Airbnb or just at home rest assured that our custom doorstop won't damage your door.

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