monkii bars Minimalist: Tactical Black

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These premium bad boys are for those who take fitness a little more seriously than the rest of us.

If quick escapes and short breaks are life or death situations for you, then you'll definitely want to grab a pair of Tactical Black monkii bars Minimalist. Blacked-Out Hard Maple Grips, Black Cerakote Aluminum, Wolf Grey Plugs and Black Tracer Spectra Suspension Line make sure that your workout gear is as rugged as the other items in your arsenal.

Includes PREMIUM Tactical Training 1 Manual - 25 gritty workouts, 71 pages of pain, and high stakes mission-based training ($39 Value). This training program is an insane foray into the depths of your humanity—upon completion, you'll either be physically and mentally stronger or speaking in tongues.

monkii bars Minimalist turn the world into your gym. Whether you’re doing pullups on mountain summits, getting in a few bicep curls at your beachside cabana, or adding some upper body work to your trail runs – monkii bars Minimalist will ensure you always have an epic full-body workout.

monkii bars Minimalist requires an insane amount of stability to complete exercise movements. The free-floating handles and independent attachment points make monkii bars Minimalist much harder than Olympic rings or other bodyweight trainers. You’ve been warned.

At, we expect our products to take constant abuse in the most extreme environments on the planet. Whether it’s our free line replacement, 100% satisfaction guarantee, or no-questions-asked return policy – you can rest assured that you’ll get full use of your monkii bars Minimalist.

How to train.

Our Tactical Training Manual is included with every pair of Tactical Black monkii bars. In it you'll find:

  • 25 Insane Workouts
  • 4 Unique Sections
  • 71 Pages of Pain
  • Mission-based Training
  • 100% Badass

Workout Examples:



(Please note, this mission has been redacted in an effort to protect ongoing monkii ops.)

Technical Specifications.

User Weight Limit: 220 pounds
Age Limit: 16+
System Strength: 1,000 pounds
Length of Line: 18 ft per monkii bar (36 ft total)
Accessories: monkii-keepers, Digital Training Manual, Quick Setup Guide
Materials: Hard Maple, Aerospace-grade Aluminum, Spectra®
Finish: Weather-Resistant Clear Coat

Designed in Colorado. Made in USA.