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Designed for people who want awesome workouts without being stuck in the gym, monkii bars 2 is made for total-body workouts using only your bodyweight — at home, the hotel, or outside.

The Adventure Kit™ transforms your monkii bars 2 into a sleek, self-contained home and travel workout system. By seamlessly converting from an ultra-portable carrying case into a universal door attachment, it becomes the ultimate companion to monkii bars 2.

monkii bars 2 adventure kit

Your Adventure Kit™ also includes the capability to quickly transform into the Ultralight Kit™  for when nature calls. 

monkii bars 2 ultralight kit

The monkii App guides you through total-body workouts in categories like Lifehacker, Multi-tasker, and Adventurer. If you're just starting out the 21-Day Habit will teach you everything you need to know and lead you through your first month of training. 

monkii Training will never get boring because the variety of exercise movements you can do number in the hundreds. 

// Tech Specs:

Max User Weight: 250 lbs || Min. Age: 16+
Accessories Included: Ultralight Kit, Foot Straps, Phone Holder, Mobile App 
Materials: Aerospace-grade Aluminum, Spectra®, Abrasion Resistant Nylon
Finish: UltraGrip™ Dual-Layer Powder Coat

WARNING: MONKII BARS 2 ARE A KNOWN GATEWAY DRUG. Gateway drugs are substances that when consumed give way to harder, more dangerous drugs. Gateway drugs boost dopamine levels, which increases pleasure. Milder substances, such as monkii bars 2, are believed to open the door to harder drugs like adventure, risk and sometimes nudity, which are known to be highly addicting.