Alpine Start Original Blend Coffee

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This is instant coffee that actually tastes good. It’s a smooth, bold coffee that tastes like adventure. It’s super convenient to brew while you are monkii’ing, traveling or adventuring (or all three).  We like to keep them stashed in a variety of places so we’re never too far from a good cup of coffee.

alpine start coffee

Now you can have a good cup of coffee anywhere. We’ve brewed all the perfect richness of your favorite coffee into an instant. No fancy filters. No waiting. No nonsense. Perfect for aiming for the finish line, the cleanest line, the drop-off line and anything life throws at you.

  • 100% High Altitude Colombian Arabica Coffee
  • Dairy free / Soy free
  • Enjoy Hot OR Cold
  • 8 Individual Units per Box

 Great for: Early Mornings • Adventures • Pick-me-ups

A good cup of coffee

Original Blend is a medium roast; well balanced with pleasant acidity and a hint of dark chocolate.

100% Arabica beans

We use only the finest high altitude arabica beans from high altitude farms in Colombia.

Add Hot or Cold Water

Alpine Start easily dissolves into hot or cold water. Give it a quick stir and you're ready to go.

Proprietary Processes

After brewing the coffee in small batches, we use a proprietary process to extract the coffee to its fullest flavor.



Beta Alert! Pour the coffee into your mug first, if you have steaming water in your mug already it will make the coffee stick to the package when pouring.