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monkii bars 2 Kickstarter Commercial – Full Length

Fall 2016

A year in the making. This video was the centerpiece of our Kickstarter campaign which raised over $1 million dollars.

Directed by Waylon Kane.


monkii bars 2 + Apple 1984 Commercial *remake*

Summer 2016

In preparation of the launch of monkii bars 2, the wild people at monkii bars pay homage to Apple's iconic 1984 commercial by providing a glimpse into an all-too-real dystopian future in which society is slave to their workout "routine." You'll see why only YOU can save yourself and Work Out Differently with monkii bars 2 - Launching July 11 - Kickstarter.

Directed by Waylon Kane.


Always Going Up

Spring 2016

Join Anna on her journey with a quick monkii bars workout along the way. She finds a superb setup to do some Flys, V-Outs, Rows, and core. Afterwards, she ends her workout with a mini-monkii-yoga session before the final steep sections to the top.

Directed by Dan Vinson.


THE ELEMENTS - Wild Games 2015

Spring 2015

An epic journey with monkii bars through Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

Directed by Waylon Kane.


Hot Air Balloon Workout

Spring 2014

Step out of a hot air balloon a thousand feet off of the ground to experience taking your workout anywhere in the craziest way we could think up...so far.

Directed by Ryan Zaragoza.

Work Out Anywhere

Fall 2013

Dan, Beau, and Elisa race to the top of a Colorado mountain in search of the coolest place to work out with monkii bars.

Directed by Ryan Zaragoza.