Referral Program

At, instead of partnering with retailers to sell our wares, we just rely on our worldwide band of monkiis. In our minds this makes a lot of sense in so many ways:

1. We can share the profits with the same people who support our company and make it grow.
2. There is no better brand advocate than a monkii.
3. Monkiis are by nature very wary creatures, and trust their own kind.

That’s why we share the rewards. For every new monkii you bring to the clan, you’ll receive $50 cash to either spend as you’d wish or donate to your favorite charity. This is the equivalent to what we would have paid Amazon or REI.

So if you love your MB2, share the love with your closest friends and we’ll reward you handsomely. At the same time you’ll grow the monkii community so you will get more training, new products, and more people to follow you into the forest looking for good tree branches. We call this a win-win-win.