If you liked the original, then you'll be obsessed over POCKET MONKII 2.

PM2 is more efficient, easier to use, insanely durable, even stronger, more comfortable and loaded with ridiculously high-quality touchpoints and new features that you won't believe you lived without. The best part: it's more portable than ever and it still only weighs a pound.

FLAGSHIP: Introducing our best program yet for classic bodyweight training. This journey combines new and old-school PM2 exercises with plyometrics and calisthenics for a purely wild experience every time you train. This 37 day program consists of 3 phases: Intensity, Momentum, and Critical Wildness.

COMBO: The Combo Program combines 2 of our iconic products into one workout. It's the ultimate fusion between the strength emphasis of PM2 and the dynamic core training of MONKII 360. You’ll build functional strength while your heartrate is jacked. The program culminates with the hard AF Bonus Sesh that will definitely hurt, but make you a better person in the process.

AGILITY: The PM2 Agility program is the first of its kind to blend our proprietary Core-Agility™ training with classic footwork agility exercises. You will increase your range of motion, improve endurance, get faster and stronger, and build a body that can flow through the wild. This 36-day program takes you through 3 phases of increasing difficulty and complexity. When you complete that final day, you will feel ready for anything.

TACTICAL V: This 38-day program begins and ends with a series of 5 challenges. After you set your initial baseline, you will travel through three phases: Life, Death, and The Beyond. Once your mind and body are pure, you will be ready for the final challenge against your former self.

Easier Access

PM2 features an expandable capacity Wide-Mouth Opening that makes removing and storing the Bodyweight System incredibly fast and easy. (It also allows you to store the Outdoor Anchor 2 inside the Adventure Case.)

Instant On-Door Storage

The all-new 4-Way Transport Strap enables you to store your grips inside the Adventure Case when not in use. The Bomber Door Anchor provides enough counterweight to keep PM2 on your door even when the door is opened. This makes PM2 always ready for action.

Ready for Adventure

The 4-Way Transport Strap gives you convenient options on how you transport, carry and store PM2.

v2.0 Design Notes

The all-new Adventure Case is now much easier to un-pack & re-pack. It features a 4-way transport strap that offers multiple ways to connect to your pack, and also provides an all new storage option for hanging on your door when not in use. It's more durable and features higher quality materials and components at every touchpoint.

SPECS: 6" Tall (No change) | 3.5" Diameter (+0.5) | 2.6 oz (+0.6)







Bigger, Better Grips

PM2 features larger diameter, anodized aluminum grips inspired by technical ice-axes used by mountaineers.

Instant Setup, Easy "No Fuss" Adjustment

PM2 is even easier to setup and use. Our incredibly minimalist Dynamic Adjustment System provides 9 "No-Fuss" setup heights that integrate seamlessly into our training.

Premium Materials, Buttery-Soft Webbing

We made sure that everything you touch is super comfortable, sleek and premium.

v2.0 Design Notes

The all-new Bodyweight System features larger diameter, more comfortable grips, a "no-fuss" Dynamic Adjustment system that makes it easier to set your favorite positions, a silicone-coated steel door anchor and premium buttery-soft webbing.

SPECS: 82" Long (+2) | 14 oz (+4)

The new Anodize finish not only gives a much better handfeel, it also adds a fresh take to our iconic color palette.