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Didn't I see you on Kickstarter?

You did!  We just completed our second Kickstarter, and raised over $1 million to launch monkii bars 2. Check out the campaign for monkii bars 2 here:

In 2014, we raised over $110,000 in 39 days on Kickstarter to launch the monkii bars Minimalist (and our Company!). Check out the campaign page here:

What is a pre-order and when will I receive monkii bars 2?

A Pre-Order mean’s that you’ll be the very first to receive monkii bars 2 when they are ready to ship.  Our current shipping estimate for Pre-Orders is July 2017.

Learn more about pre-ordering by clicking here.


What's the difference between monkii bars 2 and monkii bars Minimalist?
monkii bars Minimalist: The most ultralight and portable bodyweight training device ever invented.  monkii bars Minimalist thrive in the outdoors. We used the highest quality materials like hard maple grips and an aerospace aluminum core to achieve an aesthetic unparalleled.   Made for the true adventurer looking for an advanced training tool.
monkii bars 2: A gym you can take anywhere that makes home and travel workouts epic.  The versatility of the Ultralight Kit and Adventure Kit makes monkii bars 2 the ideal all around training tool.  Although it works best indoors, monkii bars 2 can hold their own outside too.  We designed them to be insanely easy to setup and adjust.  The added footstraps open up new exercises and functionality.
How portable are the monkii bars? How lightweight are they?

monkii bars 2: 

monkii bars Minimalist: The bars are 8 inches in length, and as a pair weigh less than one pound. That’s 20 cm in length and less than ½ kg.

Do you ship to Europe? Asia? South America? Canada? Africa? Australia?

YES! We ship to pretty much anywhere in the world!

What is the difference between the Tactical Kit and Adventure Kit?

The 4 main differences are:
1. Materials: The Tactical Kit uses the most durable materials for the job. The Adventure Kit uses slightly lighter weight materials designed for all of your adventures.
2. Aesthetic: The Tactical bars and aluminum hardware are finished with Blackout Cerakote; while the Adventure Kit bars are finished with durable powdercoat.
3. Training: The Tactical Kit includes a hard copy of the Tactical Training 2 Manual.
4. Badass-ness: While the Adventure Kit is downright awesome. The Tactical Kit is…well, badass.

I don't see the MONKII App in iTunes or Google Play?

We are still building out the app. We want to make it absolutely perfect before we put it in your hands.

Expect it to be available to download by April 2017.

Do you have a door attachment for indoor use?

Yes, we do!  Your best option is the Adventure Kit paired with monkii bars 2. The Adventure Kit converts from the carrying case into a door attachment.

For monkii bars Minimalist, the monkii branch is an ultra-portable door attachment and it can be ordered here:

(The monkii branch is compatible with monkii bars 2.)
Is monkii bars 2 different than TRX?

Yes. Even though both utilize your bodyweight for resistance, monkii bars 2 is actually completely different. Let’s start with portability: Roll up the Adventure Kit and take it with you; it will fit perfectly in your carry-on or other luggage. Next, versatility: Don’t need the foot straps? Take them off. Want to exercise outside? Take the Ultralight Kit (included with all versions of monkii bars 2) and find the perfect workout sanctuary. While monkii bars 2 requires more stability than other training devices, monkii bars 2 provides you with a more efficient and effective workout.
monkii bars 2 can also be used to do offset training; by setting the bars at different heights you
can further expand the possible exercises. We provide hundreds of free workouts and a comprehensive exercise video library. Nothing matters more to us than you using your bars. Finally, monkii bars 2 are 100% made in the USA from the highest quality material we can get our monkii-hands on.

These are too expensive!

You can make your own version of monkii bars for $15 using our DIY guide.

How durable is the suspension line? Can I order a replacement line?

monkii bars 2: 
We scoured the globe to find the company making the premiere webbing products on the market. When we saw samples from a company in France that looked undeniably similar (ie the same) as rock climbing equipment manufactured by the big names in the industry (Black Diamond, Mammut, etc), we knew we had found our partner.

Our custom, proprietary weave incorporates a UHMW core that provides incredible strength. The unique weave pattern reveals the core, which functions as tick marks for adjustment. We’re getting strength into the thousands of pounds, with nearly zero stretch. This suspension line will be the best on the market – and only available with monkii bars 2.

monkii bars Minimalist:
The suspension line is incredibly sturdy. Spectra is used in rock climbing. So you can imagine all of the rubbing, scuffing, and scraping that occurs on the side of rock faces. We’ve had a pair of monkii bars that we’ve been using for almost a year – no fraying or wear on the Spectra line at all! It’s a really amazing fiber.

We offer a free line replacement program.  Find out more details here:

Where are monkii bars made?

Designed in Colorado. Made in USA.

Are there age and weight restrictions?


monkii bars 2: The Age Limit is 16+.  The Weight Limit is 250 pounds.

monkii bars Minimalist: The Age Limit is 16+.  The Weight Limit is 220 pounds.

My monkii bars Minimalist look slightly different than the pictures on your website?

monkii bars are made of high quality components including Hard Maple.  Not only does the natural wood grain vary, but we also used a natural dye to create the “dark” bars, which means that each bar turns out one-of-a-kind.  That’s right, be excited to know that you have a unique set of monkii bars to call your own.

Where can I find your Press Kit?

Click Here and it’s yours.

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