Wisdom from the monkii Elders

Fun Facts

Didn't I see you on Kickstarter?

What is a pre-order and when will I receive monkii bars 2?

Where are monkii bars made?

Are there age and weight restrictions?

These are too expensive!

Is monkii bars 2 different than TRX?

Do you ship to Europe? Asia? South America? Canada? Africa? Australia?

Product Details

What's the difference between monkii bars 2 and monkii bars Minimalist?

How portable are the monkii bars? How lightweight are they?

Do you have a door attachment for indoor use?

What is the difference between the Tactical Kit and Adventure Kit?

How durable is the suspension line? Can I order a replacement line?

My monkii bars Minimalist look slightly different than the pictures on your website?

I don't see the MONKII App in iTunes or Google Play?

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