Starter Training Program: A 1-Month Journey to Foundational Strength.

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Designed for those just starting out, you will set off on an epic journey toward building a foundation of strength, flexibility, and conditioning. The adventure will be yours, but don't fret, our expert trainer will lead the way.


Entire Month of Workouts

This program will have you working out 3 times per week, leaving you enough time for rest and recovery.  Each workout day is covered in complete detail, including an introduciton to the workout along with trainer tips.

Help From Your Own Personal Coach

Having a guide lead the way on a journey can ultimately determine your survival.   Luckily, your guide on this adventure will be highly qualified monkii coach Kerry.  With one 15-20 minute live coaching session via Skype and access to her via email, she will be with you every step of the way to make sure you train safely and effectively. 

Smart Progression = Real Results

On each day of your program, you will be challenged to reach new levels of greatness. Upon completion, you will scoff at things that once seemed difficult.

Exercise Video Library

Every exercise movement is demonstrated by monkii coach Kerry who shows you proper form, body position, and performance cues.  Videos are directly embedded into the training manual for easy access.

Workouts Built for Real Life

This journey will be epic, but don’t expect to spend all of your time on it. You will still have time for life's many other adventures. 

The Next Chapter

Optional, 1-on-1 virtual coaching access is available through this program.  More details inside...


The hardest part is starting. So, start your training program today—you'll be glad you did


*Upon purchasing this training program, you will be delivered a password and direct link to the digital content.  This program is completely digital, and can be accessed on our web platform, or downloaded to your device for easy access.