monkii bars 2

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monkii bars 2 is made for those who blur the line between fitness and adventure. Designed to be used in any outdoor environment, garage, or gym - monkii bars 2 literally turns the world into your gym.  

If you strive to constantly push yourself and your boundaries then this may be exactly what you've been looking for to take your workouts to the next level and explore your environment with a new perspective. 

Note: monkii bars 2 is designed for a hanging setup like off a ceiling beam, eye bolt, or tree branch.  If you want to workout on a door, check out the Adventure Kit

// Tech Specs:

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Max User Weight: 250 lbs || Min. Age: 16+
Accessories Included: Ultralight Kit, Foot Straps, Mobile App 
Materials: Aerospace-grade Aluminum, Drop-Forged Aluminum, Polyester Webbing
Finish: UltraGrip™ Dual-Layer Powder Coat



WARNING: MONKII BARS 2 ARE A KNOWN GATEWAY DRUG. Gateway drugs are substances that when consumed give way to harder, more dangerous drugs. Gateway drugs boost dopamine levels, which increases pleasure. Milder substances, such as monkii bars 2, are believed to open the door to harder drugs like adventure, risk and sometimes nudity, which are known to be highly addicting.