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Hyper-Focused Core Trainer

ISOCORE™ is a deceptively effective tool that leverages resistance to strengthen every muscle in your core.

ISOCORE is an accessory designed to pair with pocket monkii or monkii 360.  It does NOT include its own door anchor.

36-Day Training Program

Includes our 36-Day Premium Training program in 3 different difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 


The best and most enjoyable core/abs workouts ever.


After my first workout with the Isocore I fell in love with it.


Watch how it works:

Light up your abs

You'll use slow and controlled twists, rotations, crunches, presses, and pulls to light your entire core on fire.

Build Stability and Balance

ISOCORE develops a stable base which means you'll feel more confident on rocky trails, narrow ridges, or busy city streets.

Our custom CoreGrip™ fits perfectly in the human hand, creating a seamless connection between you and the resistance.

Choose from two difficulty levels - Light or Heavy resistance.

Instantly transition between workout devices for an unprecedented Core and Strength training experience.

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