Episode #11: A dedication to saying no.

Hello monkiis and welcome to Episode #11 of the Live Wild or Die Podcast. I am your host, monkii Dan.

On this episode I share some of the recent insights we have had as a company being run by monkiis. This past week we had two amazing conversations amongst the monkii Elders and the conclusion that we were able to draw was that as a company we need to be dedicated to saying no. In other words, when making decisions, we must must ask ourselves, is this essential? If not, then we say no. Derek Sivers who has been a long-time inspiration to me said it best, "Hell yeah, or no". If you are not saying hell yes to whatever it is, then it's a no. The purpose of this mindset is to free you from the burden of the thousands of unessential distractions that bombard us throughout the day and focus on the activities that provide value to both your business and your customer. We are constantly being told all the things we should do and often we just do them without asking if we should do them. This concept can easily be extrapolated into your personal life as well. I know I personally say yes to a lot of things that are not 'Hell yeahs' and that doing so causes stress and pain in my life. I'm not trying to encourage you to shut yourself off from the world. Instead, make healthy and assertive decisions that are beneficial to everyone.

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