#9: Live Wild or Die Podcast. Exploring the principles of the monkii mindset.

Hello monkiis and welcome to episode #9 of the Live Wild or Die Podcast. On this episode, I take a deep-dive into the principles of the monkii Mindset. This is a verbal brainstorm and I would love to hear from the listeners about which principles resonated the most and which principles we may consider removing. I'm trying to distill the core essence of the monkii Mindset down so that as a community we can always refer back to these principles (and even change them if needed) over time. I know the monkii Mindset when I see, but I can't always communicate what it is in a clear and concise manner. We will get there eventually.

Here is what I had written in my notes:
1. An attitude of can-do.
2. Make movement a priority.
3. Create an environment conducive to movement.
4. Dress in a way that allows you to move more.
5. Exercise and training is built upon necessary movement.
6. Movement practice is greater than working out.
7. Spend as much time outside as possible.
8. Expose yourself to discomfort regularly.
9. Eat real food and experiment to see what works for your physiology and your goals.
10. Take personal responsibility for your health.
11. Simple works.
12. Be prepared to move and train in any environment.
13. Allow your body to adapt to training and exercise.
14. Join or create a tribe.
15. Maintain a source of inspiration and motivation.
16. Focus on skilled movement.
17. Intensity comes in many forms.
18. Include as much movement variety as possible.
19. Create a life centered around movement.
20. Some movement is better than no movement.
21. Minimize your time using technology and screens.

Thank you for listening,

-monkii Dan