Become a monkii

We are the anti-gym.

We believe that experiences are more valuable than appearances.
Whether you are training for everyday life or your next adventure,
monkii will prepare you to experience more.  

Travel // Office

Home // Hotel

Trail // Camp

Ultra-Portable Design

It's a complete bodyweight training system that packs into a super portable kit.

Instant Setup Anywhere

Inside you'll find everything you need to get a total-body workout at home, the hotel, or even outside.

5-Star Rated monkii APP

The included monkii App shows you exactly how to do each exercise and each workout in categories like LifeHacker, Multi-Tasker, and Adventurer - you'll never have a boring workout.

Become a monkii in 21 Days

The included 21-Day Habit training program builds your monkii skills and baseline fitness level - you will feel and see muscle you never knew you had, you will push some boundaries, and most of all you'll have some fun.

Strength training can be fun, who knew?

Marques H., Actual monkii Customer

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the monkii pact


We promise to use every means of support available to us to help you achieve your goals including free lifetime repair or replacement of our products.

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Can't afford our products?

We can totally relate and we'd still love for you to be a monkii. Feel free to use our DIY Guide to make your own pair for cheap, and then download our free monkii App to train.