Evolve your mindset, transform your body and take action.

monkii is more than just fitness gear. More than products, they provide an invitation to rediscover the Wild inside you.

Jacob D.

This equipment has gotten me excited about working out again!

Matthew C.

Literally the best at-home/anywhere fitness gear made on planet earth!

monkii App

A personal trainer on your phone. Follow along to 300+ curated workouts that are easy to do at HOME or OUTSIDE.

Training Programs

The included 21-Day Habit training program will teach you all of the movements and guide you through a daily workout. No experience necessary.  Then you'll tackle the 36-Day Challenge and prove your wildness.

monkii Perks
Money Back Guarantee

21-Day returns and lifetime repair or replacement of our products.

Workout Videos

Free follow-along workouts for any situation you find yourself in. 

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D.I.Y. Guide

Can't afford our products? We show you how to make your own for cheap.

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