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We are the anti-gym.

We believe that experiences are more valuable than appearances. Whether you are training for everyday life or your next adventure, monkii bars 2 will prepare you to experience more. We designed monkii bars 2 for total-body workouts using only your bodyweight — at home, the hotel, or outside. 

monkii bars 2 use your bodyweight instead of machines and weights.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete, monkii bars 2 allow you to scale the difficulty of an exercise by changing your body angle. The instability of the two independent attachment points requires that you focus on your core muscles while also allowing the joints to move through their natural groove which prevents unnecessary strain.

Your Own Personal Trainer

The included monkii App guides you through total-body workouts in categories like Lifehacker, Multi-tasker, and Adventurer. If you're just starting out, monkii Dan will guide you through the 21-Day Habit program teaching you everything you need to know to train safely and to successfully finish your first month of workouts.

Total-Body Training

monkii Training will never get boring because the variety of exercise movements number in the hundreds. You can train to improve strength and endurance, to lose weight and improve body composition, or to increase flexibility and mobility — all while developing a (rock) solid core.

Strength training can be fun, who knew?

Marques H., Actual monkii Customer

Hotel | Living Room | Park | Airbnb | Office

This little package of awesome was well thought out in terms of functionality, compactness, durability, and transportability.

Richard B., Actual monkii Customer

Our reviews (and results) speak for themselves.

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We promise to use every means of support available to us to help you achieve your goals including free lifetime repair or replacement of our products.

Can't Afford MB2? We can totally relate and we'd still love for you to be a monkii. Feel free to use our DIY Guide to make your own pair for cheap, and then download our free monkii App to train.