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monkii bars 2™ is an incredibly strong yet ultra-light bodyweight trainer that you can use anywhere—designed for people who want awesome workouts without being stuck in a regular gym. When paired with our app it’s more than just a fitness device—it’s your own private gym, personal trainer, and adventure guide built into one.

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The Adventure Kit™ transforms your monkii bars 2 into a sleek, self-contained home and travel workout system. By seamlessly converting from an ultra-portable carrying case into a universal door attachment, it becomes the ultimate companion to monkii bars 2.

Ready to travel in your suitcase or carry-on, stay at home on the door, or neatly stored in a drawer or on a shelf.

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monkii bars minimalist™ is the most lightweight and portable fitness device in existence – that thrives in the outdoors.

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The Fitness Tool for Adventurous People

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Whether you’re a traveler or home-body, adventurer or weekend warrior, runner or mudder, newbie or musclehead—you now have the freedom to work out anywhere. Do all of the exercises you already know, plus hundreds of new ones you don’t, and have an epic workout every time. Say goodbye to the boring routine.


Maintain your healthy lifestyle for guilt-free vacations or work trips.


Work out in your own private gym without the hassle or membership fees.


Enjoy workouts in the beautiful outdoors instead of in crowded gyms.

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Designed in Colorado || Handcrafted in the U.S.A.